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Meditation on Lalita

I bow to the goddess made of mantra, who consists of the 51 Ganeshas, the nine planets, the 27 constellations, the six Yoginis, the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 51 letters of the alphabet and sacred sites. Vamakeshvara Tantra

"Then one should meditate on Devi, resembling a lotus, like the early morning rays of the Sun, like a hibiscus or a pomegranate flower, red as a ruby, or like kumkuma dissolved in water, adorned with a bedazzling jewel in Her diadem, and by a dense mass of small bells, Her mouth, like a line of black bees, amidst beautifully curved red lips, the circle of Her face like the dawn or a day lotus, a curved half moon of nectar on Her forehead, Her eyes like bows, and a beautiful brow, 0 Parameshvari.

"Her eyes are moving playfully to and fro, filled with joy and bliss, the roundness of Her cheeks surpassing the curve of the lunar crescent. The slender line which is Her nose is like a beautiful wanton shoot. Her upper nectar like lip is of the red effulgence of copper or coral. Her smile is sweeter than honey, the quintessence of love. Her very beautiful chin is endowed with all beauty.

"Her neck is shell-like, She has large, open eyes, arms as graceful as lotus stalks. Her hands equal in appearance very beautiful red lotuses, and Her nails are brighter than brightness itself. Her rising breasts uplift a slender pearl necklace, which resenbles a shower of nectar on them. Her truly beautiful belly is adorned with three lines.

"Her charming begemned navel is like a stream. The roundness of Her hips is like a precious jewel, She wears a girdle of pearls, and has beautiful buttocks. The circle of Her buttocks is cleft by a line, Her hair like royal elephant goads. Isvari, Her very beautiful thighs are like two beautiful plantain stems. Her two lovely legs are like two charming plant stems. Her unblemished lotus feet are like the crest gem of Brahma.

"Her redness surpasses the redness of the China Rose, vermilion, or the pomegranate flower. She is clothed in red garments, holding an effulgent noose and a goad. She sits on a red lotus, and is adorned with red gems. She has four arms and three eyes, and She holds five arrows and a bow. Her mouth is filled with various pieces of betel mixed with camphor.

"Her beautiful gazelle like body, smeared with red powder, is the vanquisher of the God of Love. She wears the most beautiful kind of clothes, and is adorned with every kind of precious gem. She is the Mother Who gladdens creation, the cause of happiness in the world, causing all love in the world, creating the world, the Devi made of Mantra, great good fortune Sundari, consisting of all wealth, eternal, supremely blissful, joyful." - dhyana from Vamakeshvara Tantra. See also: Tripurasundari Lalita and Hindu Tantrik translations online

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