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Abbreviations: CSS Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series. KMP Kalyana Mandir Prakashan. PP Prachya Prakashan. KSS Krishnadas Sanskrit Series. KSTS. Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies. AZ Azoth Publishing. AS Agamanusandhana Samiti. MB Motilal Banarsidas. TPH Theosophical Publishing House.

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Aghori Tantra, KSS. Skt and Hindi. A collection of magical rituals.
Agni Purana, translated Manmatha Nath Dutt Shastri, two vols, Chowkhamba, 1967. Like many other of the puranas, includes much material which can only be described as tantrik.
Alchemical Body, The. David Gordon White. University of Chicago Press, 1996-2006. A very readable account of the connection between the Siddhas, Nathas and the Raseshvaras.
Amoral Way of Wizardry, The, Dadaji, Tryckt I Sverige 1992. An invaluable collection of Dadaji�s writing including photographs, notes, and his major works including Levogyrate Tantra, The Magnum Opus of Twilight Yoga, Prophetikos. Ashes of the Book, Dadaji, AZ 1982.
Amookos Magick. Mike Magee. Mandrake, Oxford, 1990 (ISBN 1-869928- 10-5)
Ancient Indian Massage, Harish Johari, Munshiram, 1984.
Aparajita Stotra, CSS, nd. Skt.
Azoth Magazine, Issues 12-24, edited by Mike Magee, 1977-1985

Bagalamukhi Stotra
, CSS, nd. Skt. Bagalamukhi is one of the ten mahavidyas and is particularly uncanny, having the head of a crane. She is the World Paralyser. This work outlines prayogas along these lines. There is more information on this devi on our site, here.
Bana Indrajala. Thakur Prasad, Varanasi, nd. A work of Indrajala (magic) full of spells, magical squares and yantras. Skt and Hindi.
Bauls and the Pashupatas, The, J.N.Banerjea Volume, Calcutta 1960
Bhairava Upasana, Hindi Pustak Bhandar, nd. Skt and Hindi. A compilation of tantrik practices related to Bhairava or Vatuka.
Bhavana Upanishad, translated Lokanath Maharaj, Sothis Weirdglow 1983. Important upanishad of the school of Shri Vidya with prayoga. This work, with the prayoga, is on this site. There is a Sanskrit version of the upanishad and commentary, here.
Book of Ashes, The. Dadaji. AZ 1982.
Brihadnila Tantra, KSTS, 1941. An important work of the Mahacina school, containing material on svecchacharya, alchemy, rites relating to Tara (Nilasarasvati) in her various tantrik forms. An English digest of this tantra can be found on this site.
Brihat Sabara Tantra. Khemaraj Shrikrishnadas. Skt/Hindi. Magical rites for the attainment of desires.
Brihat Tantrasara, PP, Varanasi, 1985. An important Kaula digest. There's a digest on this site, here.

Cid Gagana Candrika, attributed to Kalidasa, AS. Skt with English introduction. Important work on the Trika tradition.
Classical Marathi Literature, Shankargopal Tulpule, nd
Cult of Gorakshanatha, S.C.Mitra, Journal of Anthropological Society of Bombay, XIV, 1
Cult of the Adinatha, HH Shri Gurudeva Mahendranatha (Dadaji), Values Magazine (2 parts). This magazine, now defunct, contained masses of articles by Dadaji as well as other material more or less related to the tantrik tradition.
Cult of the Jagganath and the Regional Tradition of Orissa, The. Edited by Eschmann, Kulke and Tripathi. Manohar 1978. An examination, at least in part, of how so-called primitive Hindu traditions were brahminised, and latterly, turned into profit centres by the Raj. This scholarly work is well worth reading for the mass of readable detail it contains.
Cultural History of India, The, Vol IV, Ramakrishna Mission Institute, 1956. Yes, tantrika is a most important part of India's cultural history.

Dakshinamurti Samhita
, edited by M.D. Shastri. Sarasvati Bhavana Texts No.61, Benares 1937. Skt. with brief English introduction. Large work covering every aspect of Shri Vidya and giving alternative dhyanas and mantras for the Nitya Shaktis. You can find an abstract of this text here.
Damara Tantra. PP, 1988. English translation with Devanagari text. Magical rites.
Dattapurana, KSS, Varanai, Samvat 2040.
Dattatreya Tantra, Thakur Prasad, nd. Skt. Skt with Hindi commentary. Despite having the name of the saint, this tantra is full of prayogas aimed at fulfilling desires.
Dattatreyasahasranamavali, Thakar Ani Company, Bombay, nd. Skt. The 1,000 names of the saint.
Deha Dhaatu Vijnanam, edited Dr A Laksmi Pathi, Dhanvantari Press, Bezwada, nd. Ayurvedic text.
Devimahatmyam, translated Swami Jagadishvarananda, Shri Ramakrishna Math, 1972. This is the famous Shri Durga Saptashati, from the Markandeya Purana.
Devinamavilasa by Sahib Kaul, KSTS, Lahore 1942. The 1,000 names of Bhavani, rendered into poetic form. Skt.
Devirahasya. KSTS, 1937. Skt. Very large compilation of panchangas, mantras, yantras and other material relating to the five different tantrik schools. See elsewhere on this site for a digest of this text.
Devisahasranamavali, Thakar Ani Company, Bombay, nd. Skt. The 1,000 names of Devi, or the goddess.
Dhanada Tantra, PP, Varanasi, Skt. Dhanada is a yakshini, a female yaksha. The lord of the tribe of yakshas and yakshinis is Kubera, who rules the northern direction and is the lord of wealth. The yakshinis are similar to the faery folk. There are 36 yakshinis in the tradition, Dhanada Ratiprya being the subject of this work.
Dictionaries of Tantrasastra, PP, 1984. Translated by R.K. Rai. This is a translation of Arthur Avalon's Tantrabhidanam (qv). Contains synonyms of bija mantras, meanings of bija mantras and some material on mudra.
Doctrine of Vibration, The. Mark Dyczkowski. State University of New York, 1987. An excellent examination of the doctrines and practices of Kashmir Shaivism.
Dust & Bones, Dadaji. 1982. AZ.

Ecstasy, Equipoise and Eternity
, Dadaji. 1982. AZ. This work is available on this site.
Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, Vol XII, Hastings.
Encyclopaedia of Yoga, Ram Kumar Ray, PP, Varanasi, 1982. A valuable guide to some of the complexities of the tantrik tradition. Contains much information on obscure and relatively unexplored subjects like mudras.
Encountering Kali, edited by Rachel Fell McDermott and Jeffrey J. Kripal, University of California Press, 2003. A series of essays on the Devi Kalika.
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga, Georg Feuerstein. Paragon House, 1990. A comprehensive, illustrated guide to the tradition.
Esoterikos, Dadaji. 1982. AZ.
Experiences of a Truth Seeker, Sadhu Shantinatha, Gorakhnath Temple, Gorakhpur, nd. Shantinatha left his family and friends to become a Natha. This work describes his wanderings in India and shows that being a sadhu was far from being a picnic.

Gandharva Tantra
, KSTS, 1944, edited by M.S. Kaul. Skt. text with English introduction. An important work of Shri Vidya, dealing amongst many other things, with Kamakala. An abstract of this text is on this site and can be found here.
Ganesha: a monograph on the Elephant-Faced God, by Alice Getty. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1936 and republished by Munshiram 1971. A highly important English work on the Ganesha phenomenon full of sound scholarship, excellent photographs and a bibliography.
Ganeshasahasranamavali, Thakar Ani Company, Bombay, nd. Skt. The 1,000 names of Ganesha.
Garland of Letters, Sir John Woodroffe, Ganesh & Co, 1974. This English work covers the mantra shastra, mostly in a philosophical way. Valuable if you can wade through the terminology.
Gayatri Tantra, CSS. 1946 Skt. Greatness of the Gayatri mantra.
Gorakhnath & Mediaeval Hindu Mysticism, M.Singh, Lahore 1937
Gorakhnath & the Kanphata Yogis, G.W. Briggs, MCA Publishing House, Calcutta, 1939. Briggs collected legends, history and other material about the many Natha panths in this book.
Gorakhnath Temple & the Natha Sampradaya, Banerjea, nd. Describes the history of the temple in Gorakhpur.
Guptasadhanatantra, CSS,1996-2006. Small tantra often quoted in other tantras dealing with the five makaras. Skt. There is an abstract of this text on this site.

Hanuman Calisa
, Radhapresa, Delhi, nd.
Hindu Castes and Sects, Bhattacharya, Calcutta, 1916.
Hindu Festivals in a North Indian Village, Stanley A. Freed and Ruth S. Freed, American Museum of Natural History, Anthropological Papers, Number 81, 1998.
Hindu Polytheism, Alain Danielou, Bollingen Foundation, 1964. This voluminous work is a tour-de-force of Hinduism, managing to cover practically every aspect.
Hindu Tantrism, Gupta, Hoens & Goudriaan, Leiden 1979.
Holy Madness, Georg Feuerstein, Arkana 1990. Shows that the concept of the mad sadhus, the Avadhuta and Dattatreya is a consistent thread in many different traditions.
Hymn to Kali, Arthur Avalon, Ganesh & Co, 1965. Translation and text of the Karpuradistotra, a 22-verse hymn to Kali much beloved of the Kaulas. A Sanskrit transliteration in iTrans format is available on our site and can be found here.
Hymns to the Goddess, Sir John Woodroffe. Ganesh & Co, 1973. A collection of translations from tantra, purana and other places.

Iconography of Shri Vidyarnava Tantra
, Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, Vol. XXXIV, No. 1, 1943.
Indian Sadhus, Gods and Men, G.S.Ghurye, Bombay, 1962.
Ishopanishad with Wave of Bliss and The Greatness of Shiva, translated Sir John Woodroffe, Ganesh & Co, 1971.

Kabir: Maverick & Mystic
, D.Scott, University Microfilms, Michigan, 1976.
Kali Tantra, KMP Samvat 2042. Skt. A brief tantra of 12 patalas detailing Kaula practices including Mahachinachara.
Kalikapuranam, tr B.N. Shastri. Sanskrit and English in two volumes, Nag Publishers 1992. A very important work rendered here into excellent English from the Sanskrit. Apart from containing legends relating to Kamakhya, Kali, Tripura, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu et al, this very readable translation also contains information about how Shiva and Shakti decided they were so inseparable they should assume the half male-half female form. The latter part of this purana contains pujas of the usual suspects in the Kaula tantrik school. (See also Worship of the Goddess according to the Kalikapurana, below.
Kalirahasyam, Krishnadas Academy, nd. Collection of pujas and other material related to Kali.
Kalivilasa Tantra, edited Parvati Charana, Tarkatirtha, Luzac & Co. Skt. with English introduction by Arthur Avalon. Identifies Kali with Krishna.
Kama-Kala-Vilasa, translated Arthur Avalon, Ganesh & Co, Madras, 1953. Work of the Hadi school of Shri Vidya. Describes the creation of the yantra from Kamakala.
Kamadhenu Tantra, KMP, Varanasi, nd. A tantra of 24 chapters. Covers the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, the root of mantra and considered to be the Absolute as Sound (Shabdabrahma) in great detail. You can find an abstract of this text here.
Kamaratna Tantra, ed. Pt. Hemchandra Goswami Tattabhusam, Assam Government Press, Shillong 1928. A magical tantra which contains many yantras and spells for warding off all sorts of trouble and causing others...
Kankalamalinitantra, KMP, Prayag, nd. Skt. Deals with the 50 letters of the alphabet and also includes much material about the Dakinis, Shakinis, etc. Go here for an English abstract of the text.
Karunamaya, the Cult of Avalokiteshvara-Matsyendranath in the Valley of Nepal, by John K.Locke SJ, Sahayogi Prakashan, Katmandu, 1980.
Kaula and other Upanishads, edited Arthur Avalon, Agamanusandhana Samhiti, 1922. The Kaula Upanishad is available on this site and can be found here. There is also a Sanskrit version to be had from the Muktabhoda Library, here. Registration required.
Kaulajnananirnaya of the School of Matsyendranath, text with introduction by Bagchi and English tr by Michael Magee, PP, Varanasi, 1986. One of the most important source texts for the Kaula and Natha traditions. One of the chapters is available here, while we have some printed versions of this text which you can find here.
Kaulavali Nirnaya, edited Arthur Avalon, AS, Calcutta. Skt. with English introduction. Important digest of many Kaula tantras, which even refers to the Buddhistic Chandamaharoshana as one of its sources. An abstract of the text is on this site.
Kauva Tantra, by Triveni Prasad Avastha. Durga Pustak Bhandar, Allahabad. Skt and Hindi. A work containing prayogas (magical applications).
Kiss of the Yogini, by David Gordon White. University of Chicago Press, 2003. A highly controversial view of the tantrik and Kaula tradition, much of it based on the Kaulajnananirnya. It caused controversy because White suggests later tantras, such as the Trika tradition, essentially er, white washed out the root of the matter, the consumption of semen and menses. However, there is much in the text of the Kaulajnananirnaya that demonstrates that's far from all there is to the tradition. See our 1986 translation.
Kulachudamani Tantra, edited G. C. Vedantatirtha, Luzac 1915. A nigama, in which Devi answers Shiva's questions. Probably one of the oldest tantras available. A translation of seven out of its eight chapters was published in Azoth magazine (qv). The first chapter is available on this site.
Kularnava Tantra. Text with English tr by Ram Kumar Rai, PP, Varanasi, 1983. A very important tantra of the Kaula tradition, dedicated to the upper amnaya or face of Shiva. One of the chapters is on this site.
Kundalini: Aghora II, Robert Svoboda, Brotherhood of Life, 1993. ISBN 0- 914732-31-5. Svoboda is a follower of Aghori Vimalananda. This book contains a lot of first hand information about the Naths, the Siddhas and the Aghoris.

Lalita Sahasranam
, translated by R. Ananthakrishna Sastry, TPH, Adyar, 1970. The 1,000 names of Lalita from the Brahmanda Purana but with an invaluable commentary (also translated) by Bhaskararaya Machin. Includes many references to texts which now seem to have vanished completely.

, KMP. Skt. Brief tantra outlining the practices of Svecchacharya.
Mahakalipanchanga, Varanasi Sanskrit Series, nd. A manual of the worship of Mahakali.
Mahakalasamhita: Guhya section, three volumes. Ganganathajha Sanskrit Series. Skt. Merely a part of what is a massive work. This section deals with Guhyakali, an aspect of Kali. Go here for further information on Mahakala. with some similarities to Mahatripurasundari.
Mahamrtyunjaya Panchangam. CSS, Samvat 2019. A manual of the aspect of Shiva conquering death. Some of this panchanga is translated on this site.
Mahanirvana Tantra, translated Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe), Dover, 1972. Some allege that this tantra was composed in the 19th century.
Mahartha Manjari. Shri Krishnanda Sagara, 1985. Skt with Hindi tika. Important philosophical text. This edition includes an extensive commentary, the Parimala.
Mahavidya Stotra, CSS, nd.
Maheshvara Tantra, CSS, 1940.
Mahesvari Tantra, Khemaraj Krishnadas, Bombay Samvat 2040. Skt with Hindi commentary. Collection of prayogas (magical applications), including the goddess of lucid dreaming, Svapnavati.
Mahishamardini, V. Mishra, Rajesh Publications 1984. Mahishamardini is a form of Durga as the killer (mardini) of the bull-demon Mahisha. She is found in this form in the Kulachudamani Tantra (qv) and also in this form throughout south east Asia, including the different Indonesian Hindu kingdoms. This work is a compilation of her different statuary images, an important collocation which is still in print.
Malinivijaya Uttara Tantra, ed. Pt. Madhusudan Kaul, KSTS, Bombay 1922. Skt. Brief English introduction. This work, attributed to Kashmir Shaivism, covers many topics including mastery of the five elements or bhutas. This, along with many other texts of the KSTS, can be found on the Muktabodha site, here.
Matri Upasana, KMP, nd. Worship of the goddess.
Matrikabheda Tantra, ed. Ram Kumar Rai, PP, Benares, 1983. Sanskrit edition.
Matrikabhedatantra, translated by Michael Magee, Indological Book House, Varanasi, 1989. A pirate edition! How dare they? (They dared
Matrikabhedatantram & its Alchemical Ideas, Subharayapa & Roy, Indian Journal of the History of Science, III, 1
Matrika Chakra Viveka, by Svatantrananda Natha. Edited by Vyakaranacharya. Skt. with English introduction. by Gopinath Kaviraj. Benares, 1934. The philosophy of the matrikas (letters of the alphabet), applied to the Shri Yantra. Much interesting information about the states of deep sleep, dream, waking and the fourth.
Mediaeval Mysticism of India, K.Sen, London 1935.
Meru Tantra. Khemaraj Shrikrishnadas, 1993. Skt. A large text which has intrigued many because of its reference to tantriks born in London who will become lords of the earth (!)
Mysticism in Maharashtra, Ranade, Poona 1953
Mystics, Saints and Ascetics of India, The, J.C. Oman, Delhi, 1973

Nath Sect and the Yugi Caste
, Journal of Anthropological Society of Bombay, XIV, 1.
Netra Tantra, KSTS, 1926. Skt. This is not, as Aghenanda Bharati says, a tantra about curing eye ailments. Instead, it is an important Shaiva Agama which deals with Mrityunjaya, Amriteshvari the Uttaramnya and the Kulamnaya. The first and second chapters are available on this site.
Navagraha Stotra, Vani Vilasa Prakashan, Varanasi, Samvat 2038. Hymn to the nine planets.
Niruttara Tantra, KMP, Varanasi, nd. A Kaula work. It covers the usual topics including the well known five makaras. Go here for an English abstract of the text.
Nirvanatantra, KMP, Prayag, nd. Skt.
Nityotsava, by Umanandanath. Gaekwaed Oriental Series, Baroda. Skt. Umanandanatha was a disciple of Bhaskararaya. This is an extended commentary on the Parashuram Kalpasutras, and includes most of the ritualistic practices related to the Shri Vidya tradition in an easy-to-digest form. Some of this material is translated on this site, and there is an abstract, here.

Obscure Religious Cults
, Dasgupta, Mukhopadhyaya, Calcutta, 1969. Includes useful material on the Bauls, the Buddhist Sahajiyas, the Dharma cult and the Nathas.
Origins and Development of Dattatreya Worship in India, Hariprasad Shivprasad Joshi, Univ. of Baroda, 1965.

, Kalyanamandira Prakashan, Varanasi. The five makaras: maithuna (sexual intercourse), mamsa (flesh), madya (mead or liquor), mudra (grain) and matsya (fish). The central elements of the Kaula rite.
Pancharatraraksha of Shri Vedanta Deshika, Adyar Library 1967. Skt with English introduction. A work of the South Indian Pancaratra tantrik school.
Philosophy of Gorakhnath, Banerjea, Gorakshanath Temple, nd
Post Chaitanya Sahajiya Cult, Bose, 1930.
Pranatoshini Tantra. KMP, two volumes. Skt. Important and often referred to digest of other tantrik works.
Prapanchasara Tantra, edited Arthur Avalon and Atalananda Sarasvati, MB 1981. English introduction, Skt. An important digest of different tantrik deities and philosophy.
Pratyabhijnahrdayam, by Kshemaraja. Translated by Jaideva Singh, MB, 1982.
Presence of Shiva, The. Stella Kramrisch, Princeton University Press, 1981. An excellent exploration of the significance of Rudra Shiva in all of his various forms and legends.
Principles of Tantra, edited Arthur Avalon, Ganesh & Co, 1969.

Rituals of Kalika
, Mike Magee. AZ 1985. A compilation of tantrik rites to the goddess Kali. This has been much revised and updated in the Magic of Kali.
Rudrayamala Uttara Tantra, printed at Vacaspati Publishers, nd. Skt. Probably not the real thing, which appears to be lost forever apart from quotations. A part abstract of this text is available on this site. This text in Sanskrit is available on the Muktabodha site, here.
Rudrayamala. Sanskrit with Hindi commentary. Khemaraj Shrikrishnadas. Extracts dealing with magical applications (prayogas).

Sacred Paths
, by Georg Feuerstein. Larson Publications, 1991.
Saktisangamatantra, Sundari Khanda. KMP, Prayag, nd. Skt.
Saktisangamatantra, Kali, Sundari and Cchinnamasta Khandas, Gaekwad's Oriental Series, Baroda 1941-1978. Three volumes, Skt. text. This edition has been Bowdlerised.
Sannyasa Upanishads, translated A. A. Ramanathan, Adyar Library, 1978. Contains the important Avadhuta Upanishad.
Saundaryalahari, translated S. Subhramanya Sastri, TPH 1972. Ascribed to Shankaracharya (doubtfully), remains a classic of Shri Vidya.
Secret of the Three Cities, The. Douglas Renfrew Brooks, Munshiram Manoharlal, 1999. A scholarly example of the Shri Vidya tradition through the lens of the Tripura Upanishad and Bhakararay's commentary.
Serpent Power, The. Sir John Woodroffe, Ganesh & Co, 1958. Woodroffe's classic work on Kundalini, including translations, original text and some beautiful illustrations.
Shaiva Upanishads. Adyar Library, 1950. Skt. Collection of important Shiva upanishad.
Shaivism and the Phallic World, B.Bhattacharya, Vols I & II, Oxford Publishing Company, 1975.
Shaktanandatarangini, by Brahmanandagiri. Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi 1987. Sanskrit work valuable because it contains many quotes from tantras now presumed lost. There's an abstract on the site, here.
Shakti Sutras, ascribed to Agastya. Edited by M.D. Shastri, Sarasvati Bhavan Series, nd. Go here for a Postscript version of the Sanskrit text, while an Itrans transcription can be found here.
Shakta Upanisads. Tr. by Dr. G. Krishna Warrier, Adyar Library Series No. 81, 1975. Collection of important Shakti upanishads.
Shakti and Shakta: Essays and Addresses, Sir John Woodroffe, Ganesh & Co, 1969.
Shanistotravali. PP, Varanasi, nd. Skt. Collection of hymns to Shani (Saturn), sometimes identified with Mahakala.
Sharadatilaka Tantra, English translation by a "board of scholars", Shri Satguru Publications, 1988. ISBN 8170301754. While this digest is important (see below), this translation mangles the English so thoroughly that anyone is bound to be confused.
Sharadatilaka Tantra, by Lakshmana Deshikendra. AS, 1933. Skt. with English introduction by Sir John Woodroffe. An important digest, similar in style to the Prapanchasara Tantra (qv).
Shiva to Shankara, Indus Source, English. A review of this book is here
Shivasahasranamavali, Thakar Ani Company, Bombay, nd. Skt. The 1,000 names of Shiva.
Shiva Samhita, The, translated by Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu, Mushiram Manoharlal, Allahabad, 1975.
Shiva Svarodaya, translated Ram Kumar Rai, PP, 1980. With Skt text. Tantrik science of breath, related to changes in the five elements.
Shiva Mahimna Stotram (The Greatness of Shiva), translated Swami Pavitrananda, Advaita Ashrama, Calcutta, 1976. Skt and English.
Shri Kalachakra Tantraraja, edited Biswanath Banerjee, Asiatic Society, Calcutta, 1985. Skt with English introduction. The basic text of the Tibetan Kalachakra tradition.
Shri Kali Nityarchana. KMP, nd. Daily puja of Dakshina Kalika.
Shri Kali Upasana, Dehati Pustaka Bandhar, nd. Kali puja.
Shri Shrikali Kalpataru, Kulabhushan, Kalyanamandira Pushtak. Kali puja.
Shri Vidya Ratna Sutras, by Shri Gaudapada Charya. Edited by Gopinath Kaviraj, Princess of Wales Saraswati Bhavana Texts, Benares, 1924. Skt. with English introduction. You can find a Ghostscript version of this text here. Covers the large number of Devis emanating from the five gates of the Chintamani Palace.
Shrividyarnava Tantra, Volume I-III, PP, 1986-1989. An enormous and important digest of tantras from both the Shri Kula and the Kali Kula traditions.
Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati & Other Works of the Nath Yogis, Mallik, 1953. An important collection of texts (in Sanskrit) with an excellent English introduction. An abstract of the Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati is available on this Web site.
Siddha Siddhanta Sangraha of Balabhadra, Government Sanskrit College, Benares 1925. Sanskrit text with English introduction by Gopinath Kaviraj.
Siddhisarasvatistotra, Chowkhamba, Varanasi, 1982. Skt.
Sir John Woodroffe, Tantra and Bengal Kathleen Taylor, Curzon 2001. A biography of Woodroffe. Taylor suggests that Woodroffe relied heavily on collaborators to produce translations and digests of tantrik literature. The evidence is so strong that reading it will cause you to re-think the part he's alleged to have played bringing "tantra" to the West.
Sitala Ashtakam. CSS, Samvat 2004. Hymn to the goddess of smallpox. This is drawn from the Skanda Purana. You can find a Ghostscript version of the Sanskrit text here.
Shiva Sutras, Jaideva Singh. MB, 1979. The core work of Kashmir Shaivism, translated with extensive commentaries, explanatory material and a glossary. Our own translation is also available on this site.
Some Aspects of the History & Doctrines of the Nathas, Gopinath Kaviraj, Princess of Wales Sarasvati Bhavan Series, Vol VI, 1927
Some Translations from the Marathi Poets, H.Bell, Bombay 1913
SOTHiS Magazine, Vol II, 1. Edited by Bailey, Hall and Magee, St Albans, 1971-1977.
Spanda Karikas, Jaideva Singh, MB 1980. Skt and English.
Svapna Jyotisha Vijnana, Sanskriti Samsthana, 1986. How astrology affects dreams. Hindi.
System of Chakras according to Gorakshanatha, Gopinath Kaviraj, Princess of Wales Sarasvati Bhavan Series, Vol II, 1923. You can find this document here.

Tantra in Practice, edited by David Gordon White, Motilal Banarsidas, 2001. Collection of essays covering a wide sweep of the traditions.
Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy, Georg Feuerstein, Shambhala 1998. There is a review of this book here.
Tantra Bhidanam, AS, nd. Skt. Collection of mantra dictionaries.
Tantra Shakti, by Rudradevi Tripathi, Ranjana Publishing, Delhi, 1982. Skt and Hindi.
Tantraraja Tantra, edited M. Lakshmana Shastri, MB 1981. Extensive English introduction by Sir John Woodroffe, Skt. A highly important and beautifully written mediaeval text of Shri Vidya.
Tantric Body, The by Gavin Flood. IB Tauris, 2006. A thesis on the spiritual body in Veda and Tantra.
Tantrik Astrology, Michael Magee. Mandrake, Oxford 1989.(ISBN 1-86992- 806-7). Third edition.
Tantrik Texts edited by Arthur Avalon, 13 volumes. Introduction by Mike Magee, New Delhi, Cosmo, 2003. ISBN 81-7755-725-4
Tara Rahasya, Brahmanandagiri, CSS, Varanasi, 1970, Skt. Ritual worship of Tara Devi.
Textbook of Yoga, Georg Feuerstein, Rider & Company, London 1975
Todala Tantra. Important short work. A translation was published in Azoth magazine 1984-1985 (qv).
Trident of Wisdom, Abhinavagupta, translation of Paratrishika Vivarana, by Jaideva Singh. Motilal, 1988.
Tribes and Castes of Bengal, The, H.H. Risley, Vol I, Bengal Secretariat Press, 1891
Tripura Rahasya, translated Swami Ramananda Saraswathi. Ascribed to Dattatreya, this is a wonderful book full of stories and legends illustrating the oneness of Lalita with one's own true self.

Uddamareshvara Tantra
, ed. Pt. Jagad Dhar Zhadoo, Normal Press, 1947. Skt. A tantra mostly related to magical practices, including much material on the yakshinis.
Uddishatantra, Thakurprasad Indian Booksellers, Varanasi, nd. Skt.
Ullu Tantra, Dehati Pustak Bhandar, nd. Skt and Hindi. Collection of material relating to Ullu (Owl), an aspect of Kali.

Vamakeshvara Tantra
, translated by Michael Magee. PP, Varanasi, 1989. This tantra forms part of the Nityasodashikarnava (Ocean of the Sixteen Nityas), its first part being the important Yogini Hridaya (qv).
Varahi Panchanga, Varanasi Sanskrit Sthana, Samvat 2039. Skt. Manual of Varahi Devi.
Varivasya-Rahasya, Bhaskararaya Makhin, translated S. Subhramanya Sastri. Adyar Library 1968. Bhaskararaya was an 18th century Kaula. This work and his commentary explore the significance of the Shri Vidya Kadi root mantra.
Vijnanabhairava Tantra, translated Jaideva Singh. MB, 1989. Important practical text. Skt and English.
Vinashikatantra, translated Teun Goudriaan, MB 1985. A Shaiva tantra of the left current. Transliterated text and translation.
Vishnusahasranamavali, Thakar Ani Company, Bombay, nd. Skt. The 1,000 names of Vishnu.

Wholeness or Transcendence
, Georg Feuerstein. Larson Publications, 1992.
Worship of the Goddess according to the Kalikapurana, K.R. Kooj, E.J. Brill, 1972. Part translation of the Kalika Purana.

, Madhu Khanna, Thames & Hudson, 1979. English. Beautiful illustrations and some good textual material.
Yantrachintamani published Khemaraj Shrikrishnadas, 1993. Sanskrit text, Hindi commentary. A collection related to the "six acts"
Yoga, the Technology of Ecstasy, Georg Feuerstein. Tarcher LA, 1989. An excellent work on yoga in all of its aspects, including much information on the Nathas and the tantrik traditions.
Yoga Bija of Gorakhnath. Swami Keshwananda Yoga Institute, Delhi. Ascribed to the famous Natha. Skt with English translation.
Yogini Hridaya, edited by Gopinath Kaviraj, Sarasvati Bhavan Granthamala, Varanasi, 1963. Skt with English foreword. Describes how the Shri Yantra evolved, the meaning of the mantra and its puja. (See Vamakeshvara Tantra) The Sanskrit transliteration of this text is on our site as well as an abstract of its contents.
Yoginitantra, Kalyana Publishing House, Bombay, 1984. Skt. Important work which includes much geographical information on the tradition, as well as a collection of rites and practices related mostly to left-hand aspects of the Goddess. Svapnavati, the goddess of lucid dream, is much discussed. A part abstract is available on this site.
Yogis of Bengal, The, R.G.Nath, Calcutta 1909
Yoni Tantra, The. Critically edited by J.A. Schoterman, Manohar 1980, Transliterated. Skt. with excellent English introduction.
Yoni Tantra, The. Translated by Lokanath Maharaj, London 1984. A PDF of this is on our site.

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