image of Matsyendranath on his vehicle, the fish
Shri Shri Matsyendranath on his vahana, the fish

Samadhi of Shri Shri Mannathji in Rajasthan photograph by Mike Magee
Samadhi of Shri Shri Mannathji. The inscription above reads Shri Shri 108 Shri Mannathji Maharaj

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Akulavira Tantra

The yogi should continually practise showering himself with nectar. He becomes free from old age and liberated and devoid of all disease. He plays within the Ocean of Samsara, dearest one, is accomplished and independent - Kaulajnananirnaya VII, 20

(The picture on the left is a rare image of Matsyendranath, from a painting on the wall of the Churu Mannathji monastery in Rajasthan. Photo taken with the permission of the mahant. The legend at the bottom reads Matsyavahana Mahasiddha Matsyendranath. )

This text was included in a collection of works relating to the Matsyendranath lineage of the Natha Sampradaya, and edited by PC Bagchi, collected in one book entitled Kaulajnananirnaya of the School of Matsyendranath and published in the 1930s.

Although Bagchi's interesting and detailed introduction to works attributed to Matsyendranath, was included with our translation of the Kaula Jnana Nirnaya published by Prachya Prakashan, Varanasi, 1986, there was not room then to include the Akulavira Tantra nor the other texts such as the Kulananda Tantra, and the Jnanakarika, the Sanskrit texts of which were included with the original edition.

We aim to fix this by providing, firstly, the text of the Akulavira in the iTrans format, as well as providing a guide to its content. In future, we will also add the last two texts to this site. We also intend to add some texts of the Gorakhnathi schools, collected in Kalyani Mallik's Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati and other works of the Natha Yogis (Poona Oriental Book House).

Bagchi says in his introduction that he consulted two versions called Akulavira, which, he thought, seemed to be part of a larger work. Be that as it may, the colophon to the text published here on this Web site attributes it to Macchendrapada, that is Matsyendranath, who, it adds, obtained the grace of the Yoginis at the place called Kamarupi (Kamarupa).

Bagchi notes that the Sanskrit of these Natha documents is often peppered with mistakes, vernacular terms and the like, which he thinks is a deliberate attempt by the gurus of the lines to throw off the mantle of Brahmin hegemony. As Mahendranath (Dadaji) points out in Ecstasy, Eternity and Equipoise, the Nath sampradaya did not have race, gender or caste exclusions.

The Akulavira opens with the following salutation: "Hail to the lotus feet of Shri Macchanda. I bow to Shri Minanatha, full of the bliss of Sahaja, liberated from the stain of Maya, supreme, diffused through the universe, in whom all the adharas are deep and still, born from his own self.

"Now I will declare the supremely marvellous Akulavira, the ultimate secret of secrets, creating the multitude of Siddhas in their real states. [1]

"By grace of the worlds, this was spoken by Siddha Natha. One who desires it should conceal it carefully, according to the rule. [2]

"Just as those beings sunk in the ocean of Samsara take refuge with the great and as all rivers flow into the oceans, [3] So in the Akula Vira all dharmas are dissolved. [3½]."

This text takes a very radical but entirely typical Natha stance, saying that the Akulavira, elsewhere described as the Parampadam (the supreme part) and the Sahajanandam (spontaneous bliss), alone gives liberation. It is identical with the guru. Akula, as Bagchi points out, is Shiva, the witness while Kula is Shakti, the cluster of energies.

Fools, deluded by Mahamaya, and deluded by the net of different shastras, follow Buddhism, Somasiddhanta, the Nyayas, Mimamsa, Pancharatra, Vama, Dakshina and Siddhanta, Itihasa, Purana, Bhutatattva and Garuda, Shiva agamas, with the false notion that these will bring liberation, the text says. But they have false notions and are enmeshed in useless discussions which do not liberate them from samsara. That liberation can only be found in the Akulavira. (verses 5 to 10).

Nor can it be achieved by piercing the chakras, by concentrating on nadis such as the Ida, Pingala or the Sushumna, or concentrating on adharas (chakras) whether in the navel, the throat, the heart, the head, or the top of the skull, this text says. Pranayama does not bring liberation either, nor thinking of the granthis, the bindu, or the centre in the forehead. Rasayana (alchemy) does not bring realisation of Akulavira either.

In a remarkable verse (56), it is said that the path of the Kaula is of two types - the artificial (kritaka) and the sahaja (spontaneous). The real or Sahaja is that in which Samarasa resides.

Akulavira it appears, cannot be defined by texts or schools of philosophy. It is all knowing, stainless (niranjana), everywhere, and has all the good qualities, facing in every direction. Once having seen this supreme form, the mind becomes calm.

Puja, going to tirthas, oblations, scents and the entire paraphernalia of the tantras, does not allow the realisation of Akulavira. Any bad pandit who reckons that such or other things will bring realisation merely serves to delude confused and deluded people.

As ghee resides latent in milk, as fire is ready to burst forth in wood, just as scent is inherent in blooms, oil in the sesame plant, the shadow of a tree in the tree, as bliss in wine, or as effulgence in a flame, so the Akulavira subsists in the world.

Akulavira is neither dharma nor adharma, it is free of both maintenance and dissolution, it is neither bound nor that which binds. The Akulavira is very deep and marvellous, being both above the pinda and devoid of pinda. It is of the essence of samarasa.

Yajna (fire sacrifice), self imposed restraints, japa (recitation of mantras), archana (worship), homa and sadhana, mantra, puja, bathing, vows are nothing whatever to do with Akulavira, which is without supports (niralamba pada), the peaceful (shanta), free of actions, all nowing, complete, free of both "is" and "is not", free of dualism and monism, and situated in one's own body.

When the feeling of samarasa exists, "he is Shiva, he is clearly the Deva, and he is the Moon, the Sun and Shankara. He is Vishakhya (Skanda), he is Mayuraksha (Indra), and similarly he is Buddha. His self is Devi, his self is the Deva, he is the pupil and he is the guru. He is the act of meditation, he is that meditated upon, he is the guru, the lord of all." (Verses 129-130).

To view the following text in Devanagari characters, all you will require is iTranslator 98, freeware which you can obtain by going to our links page.

shriimachChandapaadakebhyo namaH
shriimiinasahajananda.m svakiiyaa~Ngasamudbhavam.h .
sarvamaadhaaragambhiiramachala.m vyapaka.m param.h .
athaataH sampravayaami akulaviira.m mahadbhuutam.h .
guhyaad.h guhyatara.m guhya.m siddhasadbhaavasantatiH .. 1..
anagrahaaya lokaanaa.m siddhanaathena bhaaShita.m .
gopaniiya.m prayatnena yadiichChan.h shaashvata.m padam.h .. 2..
sa.msaaraarNavamagnaataa.m bhuutaanaa.m mahadaashrayam.h .
yathaa nadiinadaaH sarvve saagare samupaagataaH .. 3..
tathaa akulaviireShu sarvvadharmmaa laya~NgataaH .
sarvvaadhaaramasheShasya jagataH sarvvadaa prabhuH .. 4..
sahajaananda.m na vindanti sarvvadharmmmasamaasR^itaaH .
anaanantamalairgrastaa mahaamaayaandhachChaditaaH .. 5..
shaastrajaalena santuShTaa mohitaastyajayantitaaH ##(?)## .
na vindanti pada.m shaanta.m kaulaanaa.m niShkala.m gurum.h .. 6..
sa.mvaadayanti ye kechin.h nyaayavaisheShikaastathaa .
baudhaastu arihantaa ye somasiddhaantavaadinaH .. 7..
miimaa.msa pa~nchastrotaashcha vaamasiddhaantadaxiNaaH .
itihaasapuraaNa~ncha bhuutatattvantu gaaruDam.h .. 8..
ebhiH shaivaagamaiH sarvvaiH paroxa~ncha kriyaanvitaaiH .
savikalpasiddhirsa~nchaara.mtat.h sarvva.m paapabandhavit.h .. 9..
vikalpabahulaaH sarvvai^rmmithyaavaadaa nirarthakaaH .
na te mu~nchanti sa.msaare akulaviiravivarjjitaaH .. 10..
sarvvaGYa.m sarvvamaasR^itya sarvvato hitalaxaNam.h .
sarvveShaa.m siddhistatrasthaa sarvvasiddhi~ncha tatra vai .. 11..
yatnaasau akulaviiro dR^ishyate sarvvatomukham.h .
ta.m viditvaa para.m ruupa.m mano nishchalataa.m vrajet.h .. 12..
shabdaruuparasasparshagandha~nchaivaatra pa~nchamam.h
sarvvabhaavaashcha tatraiva praliiNaaH pralaya.m gataaH .. 13..
bhaavaabhaavavinirmmukta udayaastamanavarjjitaH .
svabhaavamatimata.m shaanta.m mano yasya manomayam.h .. 14..
akulaviiramiti khyaata.m sarvvaadhaarapaaparam.h .
naadhaaralaxabhedantu na naadagochare paThet.h .. 15..
hR^idi sthaane na vaktre cha ghaNTikaa taalarandhrake .
na iDaa pi~Ngalaa shaantaa na chaastiiti gamaagame .. 16..
na naabhichakrakaNThe cha na shire naiva mastake .
tathaa chaxurunmiilane cha na naasaagraniriixaNe .. 17..
na puurakakumbhake tatra rechake ##[##cha##]## tathaa punaH .
na bindubhedake granthau lalaaTe na tu vahnike .. 18..
praveshanirgame naiva naavaahanavisarjjanam.h .
na karaNairnaasana.m mudrairnamaase bhinnataaluke .. 19..
na nirodho na choddhaaro naatiitaa.m chaalana.m na hi .
na preryyapreraka~nchaiva na sthaanannaiva chashrayam.h .. 20..
na chaatmanaiva tad.h graahya.m graahyaatiitapada.m bhavet.h .
etat.h paxavirnirmukta.m hetudR^iShTaantavarjjitam.h .. 21..
na duure na cha vai nikaTe na bharito na cha riktakaH .
na unnona so.adhika ebhiH paxairvivarjjitam.h .. 22..
yashcha vi.mshaatmako hyeSha pudgala naasti yatra vai .
yatra laxa.m na vidyeta akulaviira sa ucchyate .. 23..
yasyaiva.m sa.mshita.m ka~shchit.h samarasa sa.mshitaH .
sa brahmaa so harishcaishaH sa rudro sa cha iishvaraH .. 24..
sa shivaH paramadevaH sa somaarkkaagnikastathaa .
sa cha saa.mkhyaH puraaNaashcha arhantabuddha eva cha .. 25..
svaya.m devii svaya.m devaH svaya.m shiShyaH svaya.m guruH .
svaya.m dhyaana.m svaya.m dhyaataa svaya.m sarvvatra devataa .. 26..
yaadR^ishena tu bhaavena puruSho bhaavayet.h sadaa .
taadR^ishaa.m phalamaavpnoti naatra kaaryyavichaaraNaat.h .. 27..
asyaiva hi hi naamaani pR^ithagbhuutaani yogibhiH .
anaama tasya giyante bhraantiGYaanavimohitaiH .. 28..
dharmmaadharmmasamaakliShTaavikalpatamashChaaditaaH .
tena mu~nchanti sa.msaara.m naraka.m yonisa.mkulam.h .. 29..
akulaviira.m mahadbhuuta.m yadaa pashyanti sarvvagam.h .
sa baahyaabhyantare nitya.m ekaakaara.m charaacharam.h .. 30..
nistara~Nga.m niraabhaasa.m padabhedavivarjjitam.h .
sarvvaavayavanirmmukta.m nirlaya.m nirvvakaarajam.h .. 31..
adR^iShTanirguNa.m shaanta.m tattvaatiita.m nira~njanam.h .
sarvvaGYa.m paripuurNa~ncha svabhaavashchaivamaxayam.h .. 32..
kaaryyakaaraNanirmmuktamachintyamanaamayam.h .
maayaatiita.m niraalamba.m vyaapaka.m sarvvatomukham.h .. 33..
samatva.m ekabhuuta~ncha uuhaapohavivarjjitam.h .
akulaviira.m mahadbhuuta.m astinaastivivarjjitam.h .. 34..
na mano na cha vai buddhirna chintaachetanaaadikam.h .
na kaalaH kalanaashaktirna shivo na cha indriyaH .. 35..
na bhuute gR^ihyate so hi na sukha.m duHkhameva cha .
na raso hi na sukha.m duHkhameva cha .. 36..
na raso virasashchaiva na kR^ito na cha jaayate .
na chChaaya na cha taapastu na shiito na cha uShNavaan.h .. 37..
na dR^ishyate mana statra udayaastamanavarjjitam.h
na siimaa dR^ishyate tatra na cha tirthya.m na cahivahi .. 38..
advaitamachala.m shaanta.m sa.mgadoShavivarjjitam.h .
niraakula.m nirvvikalpa~ncha nibaddha~ncha malaxaNam.h .. 39..
anaatha.m sarvvanaatha~ncha unmanaa.m madavarjjitam.h .
anigR^iDhamasandhi~ncha sthaavara.m ja~Ngameva cha .. 40..
jvalajjvalanabhuumyaa cha aapo~nchaiva tathaiva cha .
sarvva.m samarasa.m puurNa.m akulaviirantu kevalam.h .. 41..
yasyaiShaa sam.sthitaa muktiH sa mukto bhavabandhanaat.h .
na tasya maataapitaa va baandhava.m na cha devataa .. 42..
na yaGYa.m nopavaasa~ncha na kriyaa varNabhedakam.h .
tyaktvaa vikalpasa.ghaatam.h akulaviiralaya.m gataaH .. 43..
na japo naarchchana.m snaana.m na homa.m naiva saadhanam.h .
agnipraveshana.m naasti hetantabhR^igu nodanam.h .. 44..
niyamo.api na tasyaasti nopavaaso vidhiiyate .
pitR^ikaaryya.m na karotaati tiirthayaatraavrataani cha .. 45..
dharmmaadharmmaphala.m naasti na snaana.m nodakakriyaa .
svaya.m tyaja sarvvakaaryyaaNi lokaachaaraaNi yaani cha .. 46..
samayaachaaravichaara~ncha kR^itakaa bandhakaani tu .
sa.mkalpa~ncha nikalpa~ncha ye chaanye kila dharmmiNaH .. 47..
bhave yogii niraachaaro pashuchaaravivarjjitaH .
siddhishchavividhaakaara paataale cha rasaayanam.h .. 48..
pratyaxa~ncha yaa labdha.m na gR^ihniiyaat.h kadaachana .
sarvva~ncha paashajaala~ncha adhomaargapradaayakaH .. 49..
eteShu mochanaa naasti akulaviiravivarjjitaaH .
yathaa mR^taaH na jaananti svaada.m kaTumadhurasya tu .. 50..
tathaa akulaviirantu na jaananti svabhaavagam.h .
yathaa madiraa mahaantasya kathita.m nevashakR^ite .. 51..
rasyaparamaanandamatiguhya.m sugopitam.h
lokaanaa.m cha hitaarthaaya siddhanaathena bhaaShitam.h .. 52..
nirvvikalpa.m pada.m shaanta.m yatra liina.m paraaparam.h .
moxasya tanmahaasthaana.m mantraruupavivarjjitam.h .. 53..
tatraiva sR^iShTiruupeNa punastatra laya.m gataa .
kintena bahunoktena sarvvabandhavivarjjitam.h .. 54..
akulaviira.m yadaa labdha.m tadaa ki.m kaulikaiH kramaiH .
labhdvaa tu moxasadbhaavam.h akulaviira.m mahaapaham.h ..55..
kaulamaarge dvayo santi kR^takaa sahajaa tathaa .
kuNDali kR^takaa GYeyaa sahajaa samarasa sthitaa .. 56..
preryaprerakabhaavasthaa kR^itakaa saa.abhidhiiyate .
tataH sa paatayed.h bhuumai mudraamantrairniyogitaiH .. 57..
aahute patane chaanye karNajaapena dhuupakaiH .
etat.h saadhyamida.m tattva.m etad.h dhyaana~ncha dhaaraNaa .. 58..
anekaiH karmmasa.mghaataiH naanaamaargavibhaavanaiH .
vikalpakalalolloyaa udbhraantaa bhraantachetasaH .. 59..
hR^idi shokena santaptaa vyaasa~Ngaachcha mahaabhayaiH .
harShaviShaadasampannaa shochyamaanaa muhurmuhuH .. 60..
taavadbhramanti sa.msaare kalpaakalpairbhavaarNavaiH .
dagdhabiijeShu sa.mbhuutiryathaa naiva prajaayate .. 61..
muulaChinne yathaa vR^ixe na praroha.m vidyate .
akulaviiragata.m bhinna.m naanaabhaavaanubandhanaiH .. 62..
na badhyate yathaa vimale rasa.m vipralaya.m gatam.h .
tadvadakulaviire cha sattve bhraabhraakhya yadgataH .. 63..
timireNa yathaachChannamuditaarka.m na pashyati .
aGYaanamanastadvad.h bhraantijaalavimohitaa .. 64..
akule viire cha sampraapte sarvvametadvinishyati .
dadhimadhe yathaa sarpiH kaaShThe chaagni sthito yathaa .. 65..
puShpe gandhastile taila.m vR^ixe chaayaa samaashritaa .
madyamadhye yathaananda.m diipe prabhaa samaashritaa .. 66..
padmamadhye cha kuNDalyaa a~Ngapratya~Ngameva cha .
raktaarthaakulaviire cha tatsarvva.m viniyojitam.h .. 67..
bhaavaa.abhaavaadisam.yuktaiH pratyayairddR^iShTigocharaiH .
akulaviira.m na jaananti kR^itakairmohitaatmanaH .. 68..
paashajaalanibaddhaashcha mahaamaayavimohitaaH .
na jaananti pada.m shaantamachintya.m nityasambhavaH .. 69..
sarvvavyaapibhaavastha.m sthaanavarNavivarjjitam.h .
sarvvabhuutasthita.m hyekamadhyaya.m dheyavarjjitam.h .. 70..
sa cha sarvvagato bhaavaH sthire puurNo nirantare .
tatra mano viliinantu achala.m bhavatanmayam.h .. 71..
manovR^iddhistathaa chintya.m kxiptaa tanmayataa.m gataa .
yathaa tiShThati tattvasthaH shivaniShkalamavyaye .. 72..
tadaa tanmayataa.m yaati nirmmala.m nishchala.m padam.h .
akulaviira.m mahadbhutamekaviira.m cha sarvvagam.h .. 73..
durlabha.m surasiddhaanaa.m yoginiinaa~ncha gocharam.h .
kechid.h vadantiida.m dharmmamida.m shaastramida.m tapaH .. 74..
aya.m lokamima.m svargamida.m saadhyamida.m phalam.h .
ida.m GYaana~ncha viGYaana.m shuddhaashuddhamida.m param.h .. 75..
GYeya~ncha tattvakuuTa~ncha yatra dhyaana~ncha dhaaraNaa .
tadaasau yoginii hyekaH naanyastu hi dvitiiyakaH .. 76..
anaagatantu gata~nchaiva na hachChenna cha tiShThati .
na bhuuta.m na bhaviShya~ncha sthitipralayavarjitam.h .. 77..
na chaaha.m prachitairdoShaiH liptate na kadaachana .
naaha.m kashchinna me kashchinna baddho na cha baadhakaH .. 78..
na mukti vai na cha na muktame moxasya cha spR^ihaa .
gachCha.mstiShThan.h sthapan.h jaagrad.hbhuu~njaanao maithune.api vaa .. 79..
bhayadaaridrashokaishcha vividhairbhaxaNaistathaa .
chikitsaa naiva kurvviita indriyaaarthaiH kadaachana .. 80..
aacharet.h sarvvavarNaistu na tu bhaxya.m vichaarayet.h .
eva.m sa charate yogii yathaaraNye hutaashanaH .. 81..
piNDabadhaa~ncha naanaasti avasthaa murkhavaasanaam.h .
somashuunyastathaa vahnipraaNaayamavarjjitam.h .. 82..
aprameyaniraabhaasa.m dhaaraNaadhyaanavarjjitam.h .
yena janmasahasraaNi bhaktyaa sa.mpuujito guruH .. 83..
te labhanti mahaaGYaana.m akulaviirantu moxadam.h
yoginiiraakiNiichakre yasya bhaktiH sunishchalaa .. 84..
akulaviira.m mahadbhuuta.m gambhiira.m gahanaamayam.h .
piNDaatiita.m yadaa GYeyamapiNDa.m piNDavarjjitam.h .. 85..
padavya~njananirmmukta.m vimala.m satatoditam.
talline tanmayaatmaana.m vindate shvaashvata.m padam.h .. 86..
chitaatiita.m bhavet.h so hi yogasa.myogavarjjitam.h .
nirvvaaNa.m vaasanaahiina.m tR^iptaatma cha niraamayaH .. 87..
tena labdhaa na sandeho.amalaa malachChedanaaH .
tasya pravarttate xipta.m tasyaiva sarvvasarvvagam.h .. 88..
vedasiddhaantashaastraaNi naanaavidhaani shikhaani cha .
taani sarvvaaNi mohaani kaayakleshairnirarthakam.h .. 89..
vidyaaha~nKaaragrastaastu garvvitaaH kugati.m gataaH .
anarthena cha santuShTaa bahugranthaarthachintakaaH .. 90..
akulaviira.m na vindanti kR^itakairmmohitaamanaH .
garvvitaana.m kuto GYaana.m granthakoTishatairapi .. 91..
karpuuraku~Nkumaadiinaa.m vastrataambuulameva cha .
kharavadbhavati tadbhaara.m sarvva.m tasya nirarthakam.h .
akulaviira~ncha dehastha.m yadaa pashyati sarvvagam.h .. 92..
dharmmaadharmmaphala.m naasti nodaka.m tiirthasevanaa .
na kriyaa satyashchaiva.m vaa karmakaaNDe na bhaavanaa .. 93..
na tasya karmmakarmmaaNi lokaachaaraaNi yaani cha .
charitaaH samayaachaaraa janairbhraantivimohitaiH .. 94..
akulaviira.m na jaananti ki.m vishiShTa.m kutaH sthitam.h .
kR^itakaa bandhanaa loke kalpitaashcha kupaNDitaiH .. 95..
sam.kalpavikalpa~ncha kalaakarmmaaNi yaani cha .
siddhayo vividhaa loke paataalam.h cha rasaayanam.h .. 96..
pratyaxa~ncha yadaa labdha.m na vigR^ihNiiyaat.h kadaachana .
sarvve te paashabaddhaashcha adhomaargapradaayakaaH .. 97..
na chaitairmmuktiH sam.saare akula.m biiravarjjitaaH .
yathaa madiramaananda.m kathita.m naiva jaayate .. 98..
tadvadakulaviiraakhya.m svasam.vedyaniropaNam.h .
na jaananti naraa muuDhaaH saaraat.h saaratara.m param.h .. 99..
taavad.h bhraantivimugdhaatmaa yaavattala.m na vindati .
chitaatiite yadaa yogii sa yogii yogachintakaH .. 100..
viraktaa vaasanaa yasya tR^iptaatma cha niraamayaH .
taavad.h bhramanti mohaatmaa naanaabhaavaanubandhanaiH .. 101..
yaavat.h samamekatva.m paramaananda.m na vindati .
murkhaaNaa.m cha yathaashaastra.m kumaariisurati.m yathaa .. 102..
akulaviira.m vindanti kathyamaanaiH kumaarikaaH .
dishaveshaavinirmulta.m sthaanavarNavivarjjitam.h .. 103..
niraakula.m nirvvikalpa.m nirguNa~ncha sunirmmalam.h .
anaatha.m sarvvanaatha~ncha pramaadonmaadavarjjitam.h .. 104..
ghananiviDanisandhisthaavare ja~NgameShu cha .
jale jvalane tathaa pavane bhuumyaakaashe tathaiva cha .. 105..
sarvatra samarasa.m bharitamakulaviirantu kevalam.h .
na GYaata.m yena dehastha.m sa muktaH sarvvabandhanaat.h .. 106..
na tasya kriyaabandhena na vedya.m na cha vedanaa .
na yaGYo nopavaasashcha na charyyaa na kriyodayaH .. 107..
na varNo varNabhedashcha akulaviira.m yadaagatam.h .
na jaapo naarchaanagniinaa.m na homo naiva saadhanam.h .. 108..
naagnipraveshanantasya mantrapuujaacharaNodakam.h .
niyamaashcha na tasyaasti xetrapiiThe cha sevanaiH .. 109..
na kriyaa naarchanaakaadyairna tiirthaani vrataani cha .
niraalambapada.m shaanta.m tathaatiita.m nira~njanam.h .. 110..
sarvvaGYaparipuurNa~ncha svabhaavena vilaxyate .
kaaryyakaaraNanirmmuktamachintita~ncha anaamayam.h .. 111..
maayaatiita.m niraalamba.m vyaapaka.m sarvvatomukham.h .
svadehe sa.msthita.m shaantamakulaviira.m taduchchyate .. 112..
samastamekadaabhuuta.m dvaitaabhaavavivarjjitam.h .
akulaviira.m mahadbhuutamastinaastivivarjjitam.h .. 113..
manobuddhichittastachittaa naiva svachetanaa .
na kaalakalanaa chaiva na shaktishca na chendriyaH .. 114..
na bhuute gR^ihyate so hi na duHkha.m sukhameva cha .
na raso.adhirasaschchaiva kR^itaka.m naiva kaarakam.h .. 115..
na chChaayaa naatapo vahnirna cha shiitoShNavavedanaa .
na dina.m raatrimityuktamudayaastamanavarjjitam.h .. 116..
na mano dR^ishyate tatra norddhvamadhya.m cha GYaayate .
axobhyamachalam.h shaantamiidR^isha.m tattvanirNayam.h .. 117..
yaadR^ishena tu bhaavena puruSho bhaavayet.h sadaa .
taadR^isha.m phalamaapnoti naatra kaaryyavichaaraNaat.h .. 118..
eva~ncha kulasadbhaavamavaachya.m paramaamR^itam.h .
agamya.m gamyate kasmaad.h bhraantiGYaanavihohitaaH .. 119..
na duure na nikaTe chaiva pratyaxa.m na paroxataa .
na bharito na rikto vaa nipuNo naapi chaadhikaH .. 120..
etat.hpaxavinirmmukto hetudR^iShTaantavarjjitaH .
kR^itakairmmohitaa muuDhaaH karmmakaaNDarataastu ye .. 121..
na teShaa.m muktiH sa.msaare narake yonisa.mkule .
akulaviira.m mahadbhuuta.m yadaa pashyati sarvvagam.h .. 122..
sabaahyaabhyantaraikatva/m sarvvatraiva vyavasthitam.h .
nistara~Nga.m niraabhaasa.m padachChedavivarjjitam.h .. 123.
. sarvvaavayavanirmmukta.m nirvvikaara~ncha nirmmalam.h .
adR^ishya.m nirguNa.m nitya.m nirNirodha~ncha nishchalam.h .. 124..
na dhyaana.m dhaaraNaa naiva na sthaana.m varNameva cha .
na rechaka.m puuraka~nchaiva narod.hghaata~ncha kumbhakam.h .. 125..
na chaantamaadimadhyastha.m na sato vR^iddhireva cha .
graahyagraahakanirmmuktagranthaatiita~ncha yadbhavet.h .. 126..
etaiH sarvvairvvinirmmukta.m hetudR^iShTaantavarjjitam.h .
sabaahyaabhyantaraikatva.m sarvvatraiva vyavasthitam.h .. 127..
samarasaanandraruupeNa ekaakaara.m charaachare .
ye cha GYaata.m svadehasthamakulaviira.m mahadbhuutam.h .. 128..
yasyaaa vasha.m sthitaH kashchit.h samarasa.m rasasa.msthitam.h .
sa brahmaa sa harishchaiva sa rudra~nchaiveshvarastathaa .. 129..
sa shivaH shaashvato devaH sa cha somaarkasha~NkaraH .
sa vishaakhyo mayuraaxo arhanto budhameva cha .. 130..
svaya.m devi svaya.m devaH svaya.m shiShyaH svaya.m guruH .
svaya.m dhyaana.m svaya.m dhyaataa svaya.m sarvveshvaro guruH .. 131..
sarvvaGYaH sarvvamaasR^itya sarvvato hitalaxaNaH .
sarvvayoginii tatrasthaa sarvve siddhaascha tatra vai .. 132..
sarvva.m sarvvaa^rthaka.m chaiva sarvvaGYaanashca tatra vai .
yathaasau mahaartha~ncha akulaviiramiti smR^itam.h .. 133..
shabdaH sparsho raso ruupa.m gandho vadyaaNipama cha .
sarve bhiiraashcha tatraiva ye praliinaaH pralaya.m gataaH .. 134..
naadhaare dhyeyalaxye cha na naadagochare pare .
na hR^di naabhikaNThe vaa vaktre ghaNTikarandhrayoH .. 135..
na iDaa pi~Ngalaa chaiva suShmaNa cha gamaagamaiH .
na naabhichakre kaNThe cha na shire binduke tathaa .. 136..
chaxukarNonmiilana.m naiva.m naasikaagraniriixaNe .
na puurake kumbhake chaiva rechake cha tathaa punaH .. 137..
na bindubhedagranthau cha lalaaTe na cha chandramaaH .
praveshe nirgame chaiva shikhaa uurddhve na binduke .. 138..
na karairna sarairmudraiH naakaasho vaayumaNDale .
na chaape chandrasuryye cha bhaavaabhaave samaagame .. 139..
anaupamya.m niraalamba.m paxaapaxavivarjjitam.h .
aGYaanamalagrastaatmaa mahaamaayavimohitaaH .. 140..
shaastraarthena vimuDhaatmaa mohitaa viduSho janaaH .
na vidanti pada.m shaanta.m kaivalya.m nishkriya.m gurum.h .. 141..
sa.mkhyaadayascha ye kechit.h nyaayavaisheShikaastathaa .
bauddhaarahantaashca ye kechit.h somasiddhaantadaxiNaaH .. 142..
miimaa.msaa pa~ncharaatra~ncha vaamadaxiNakaulikaaH .
itihaasapuraaNaani bhuutatattva~ncha gaaruDam.h .. 143..
ete chaiva samaaH sarvve kechit.h vaa.api kriyaanvitaaH .
vikalpasiddhidaaH sarvve tadvidurna cha paNDitaaH .. 144..
vikalpabahalaaH sarvve mithyaavaadanirarthakaaH .
na te muchyanti sa.msaare akulaviiravivarjjitaaH .. 145..
yaani kaani cha sthaanaani girirnagarasaagaram.h .
sarvvatra sa.msthita.m nitya.m sthaavare ja~NgameShu cha .. 146..
pa~nchabhuutaatmaka.m sarvve yat.h ki~nchit.h sacharaacharam.h .
shivaadyadevaparyyanta.m sarvva.m tatraiva sa.msthita.m .. 147..
iidR^isha.m yogina.m dR^iShTvaa upasarpanti ye naraaH .
gandaiH puShpaishcha dhuupaishcha khaanapaanaadibhaxaNaiH .. 148..
tarpayanti cha ye bhaktaastrividhaischaivaantaraatmanaa .
te.api bandaiH pramuchyanti muktimaargii na kaaDxiNaH .. 149..
brahendraviShNurudra~ncha arahantaa buddhameva cha .
viShaakhyo mayuuraaxa ye cha R^iShayastapodhanaaH .. 150..
devaadibho narendraashcha ye chaanye moxakaa~NxiNaH .
te sarvve moxamichChanti akulaviirantu moxadam.h .. 151..
athaanya.m sa.mpravaxyaami bhinnaavasthaa.m svabhaagaH .
puurva.m yaduktaa sarvve anvayamaarge tvakaulike .. 152..
## * * * * * * * * * *##
## * * * * * * * ## naatra sa.mshayaH .. 153..
na jaraasteShaa.m na mR^ityushcha na shoko duHkhameva cha .
sarvvavyaadhiharashchaiva na punarbhavasa.mbhavaH .. 154..
akulaviira.m sthita.m divya.m siddhanaathaprasaadataH .
sarvvataH sarvvadaa shuddhaH sarvvataH sarvvadaa prabhuH .. 155..
iti machChendrapaadaavataarite kaamaruupisthaane yoginiiprasaadaallabdham.h akulaviira.m samaaptam.h

Artwork is © Jan Bailey, 1996-2006. Translations are © Mike Magee 1996-2006. Questions or comments to

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